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Replacement Alternators/Generators

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The alternator in a vehicle works to keep the car alive while the engine is running. It supplies a direct current to most of the electrical systems in the car, including the headlights, power steering, dashboard, radio and more. It also works to charge the car battery while the engine is running by converting mechanical energy into electricity. You can tell if an alternator is malfunctioning or beginning to wear out from some easy-to-notice symptoms, such as dim headlights, a dead battery, trouble starting, frequent stalling, constant low battery or a wide array of similar electrical problems.

Get the best VW parts from a trusted source with over 32 years of experience. We have replacement alternators for all the most popular VW makes and models. Get a VW Bug high-output alternator, capable of producing up to 75 amps. This EMPI chrome alternator produces all the power youíll need to operate amp-hungry accessories and high-output ignition systems. Itís highly durable and built to last for years of long drives and heavy use.