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Aircooled VW Alternator Kits

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The alternator powers most of a vehicle's electrical systems when driving or idling. This includes the critical components in a Volkswagen, such as power steering and headlights, and the convenient features, like the radio and heated seats. Since the alternator is involved with so many different systems within the car, a failing alternator can cause a lot of trouble. If your vehicle is quickly draining its battery, stalling, making strange noises or showing power problems, then the alternator may need to be replaced or repaired. Thankfully, we've got all the parts needed to keep your air-cooled VW alternator running in top condition.

At V-DubStore, we have a selection of VW alternator conversion and rebuild kits to help you get your vehicle back to its prime. We carry EMPI alternator kits with chrome components to ensure strength and longevity in your alternator. Whether you're a master mechanic or a VW enthusiast, we have the parts for you.