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4 Seat Off-Road Chassis

THE SCORPION is a frame we have designed for the everyday rider in mind from a building & using experience.
We have been building, selling, and driving buggies for 28 years. We took all our knowledge about making buggies easy to ship, easy to build, better handling & comfort in mind!
The Scorpion has a 4 point design in the floor & arm rail which allow for more cockpit space without making your buggy to wide for trails.
This design also allows for wider cockpit for dual cutting brakes between the seats.
Wider cockpit at the windshield so you are not looking at the frame bars when driving like all other buggies.
This has allowed us also to move the windshield forward to make more usable cockpit space that allows for a tool box, cooler, or in the 4 seat version 2 extra seats!
By moving our windshield up we have allowed the front seats to be moved forward allowing also for more front end weight to allow your front suspension to work properly.
Also provides more front end weight for braking, cutting, wheel stability and much more!
The Scorpion also provides an easier shipping scenario.
By the design of our "Boomerang Bar" Those who don't have a jig can still purchase a frame that is not fully tacked or welded!
Check out the HALF TACKED KITS! They are the perfect BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!
Your floor to arm rail is tacked. Along with the rear cage being tacked. Set the roof which comes pre-jigged, and marked onto your buggy & your out the door!

4 Seat Off-Road Chassis - Square Roof - 98" Wheel Base
This 4 seat frame offers a super efficiently sized buggy great for the off-road. This 4 seater is designed to use a 36" Jump Back Seat & 2 Poly front Seats.
This Frame keeps your wheel base small for easy movement through the woods and off-road.
Frame includes a raised roof standard to allow for more head room for your rear passengers. We can raise the roof higher if you choose.

All Kits come with the following :
- Metal of your choice already cut, bent, and notched.
- Flanges & Hardware for mounting of Rear Cage
- Under Bar Mounting already welded together
- Seat Back Brace
- 8 Front End Clamps
- Shift Box with Shift Rod Support - Beetle Trans ( For Bus trans add $20)

*All prices are without your torsion installed. If you need a torsion installed it is a $75 charge for installation.
- Core Charges may vary depending what you need.
*Shipping charges are estimated for delivery to a business or terminal for pick up.
- Residential Deliveries add $80.00
*Please know if you are using a Ball Joint or Link Pin Front Suspension.

*1st View Shown w/o Diagonal Bars for better viewing results. These are included in your kit.

4 Seat Scorpion Brace Kits
Those building for off-road use should use the brace kits provided below for added safety. Along with the brace kits they should also go with the Mild Steel 1 1/2" .095" wall tubing to add life to the frame by reducing stress.

Click on pictures above for better view of each brace kit available.

Pricing for Brace Kits Installed
Front Brace Kit
- $79.95
Roof Brace Kit - $49.95
Frame Horn & Torsion Supports - $49.95

Save when you add your brace kits when ordering. When ordering all brace kits with your frame you will only spend $150.00 for all 3 brace kits when installed on a fully tacked or fully welded frame.

Please understand if you order a Basic Kit or Half Tacked Kit we can not install these on your frame. We do offer all our brace kits to these kits also however they may require you to modify slightly depending on the way you welded your frame together. They are notched and cut to length of our jigged frames. If you are installing these on a Basic or Half Tacked Kit please subtract $15.00 off each kit you desire.