Off-Road Frame Modifications
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After being in business since 1985 we have built, worked on, and helped our customers work on and build plenty of off-road / rail style dune buggies.  We have noticed some major flaws with those frames cockpit space being 1 major problem.  Along with the inability to place proper comfortable seating, and head room.  Since we love to redesign our products to not only be fun but functional we have redesigned our new off-road style frames.  Below we will point out and explain what some of the advances we have made with our frames compared to other frames.  Along with some of the everyday questions and concerns we get regarding off-road style frames.
  • Cockpit space is always at a premium with off-road frames due to design.
    • The major problem with the standard off-road style buggy frames is that the shape of those frames.  They have a single bend from the back at the torsion to the front of the buggy to mount onto the frames.
    • Our frames have a double bend.  Second bend being at the windshield opens the whole frame up.  Below is a picture to show the difference between the two.
      • By widening the frame at the windshield we have been able to move the cockpit forward allowing for a more usable room in the cockpit.
      • Widening the windshield allows for improved visibility.