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VW Bus, Bug & Beetle Carb Intake Manifolds

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Manage the air entering your VW engine, and you have a recipe for a fast and efficient ride. Browse through our collection of manifold and intake parts today. V-Dubstore is just as obsessed with a quality VW Bug intake manifold as you are. We carry several types of VW 1600 dual-port intake manifold kits so you'll have all the parts necessary for a quick upgrade. Enjoy specific designs too, such as short, ported, offset and deep offset VW Beetle intake manifold designs. It's our goal to keep you intrigued with quality parts so your vintage ride reaps the rewards.

Discover those curious parts that seem to disappear during your updating efforts. Intake gaskets and boot clamps are always handy to have as you swap out a VW 1600 intake manifold. Purchase several of each type because you never know what you might need. Upgrade or repair your VW Bug dual port intake manifold with V-Dubstore's dedicated stock. With a half-dozen kits and more to choose from, no VW will go without a solid intake assembly. Feel the engine roar to life with the right ratio of air to fuel.