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VW Alternator & Generator Pulleys

An alt/gen pulley is a component that can be used to transfer the mechanical power from a source, such as the vehicle’s motor, to another system, such as the alternator or generator. These pulleys allow the vehicle’s engine to do more than just spin the axles by also helping power the electrical systems of the car. Serpentine pulleys often have additional grooves around their circumference that guide a chain, cable, belt or rope. If you are looking for a complete serpentine pulley set, then look no further. We carry both Empi and MST serpentine pulley systems in a variety of colors to match any vehicle.

Get all your pulleys, billets and complete serpentine pulley systems in one place, and spend less time shopping and more time building and maintaining your VW vehicle. Get aluminum billets for alt/gen pulleys in both inner and outer halves, featuring machined holes for a bold new look and that also function to rid the belt area of dirt and debris. We even have all the pulley and billet accessories you might need, like shims, nut/washer sets and spacers.

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