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VW Off-Road Exhaust Systems

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Enhance your Buggy's performance on the circuit with a VW off-road exhaust. The gnarly design is clever enough to bring more air in and out of your engine, which leads to improved horsepower. Show off your Tri-Mill-style upright off-road competition style exhaust system as traditionalists' eyes will widen with excitement at its very presence. A Rail Buggy exhaust includes a spring-attached collector and no need for heater boxes. V-Dubstore goes even further with several VW Type 1 off-road exhaust styles, such as black, chrome or stainless steel.
VW off-road exhaust systems must meet the demands of the dirt road and steep hills. Upright exhausts thrive in these environments because the engine can essentially breathe. You can even add a muffler to your system, which balances the decibel load emanating from the vehicle. At V-Dub, our stock includes quality accessories for the off-roading world. Give your engine a boost today.