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Air-Cooled VW Front & Rear Wheel Bearings

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Wheel bearings are an integral part of your vehicle, as they provide both near frictionless rotation around the axle and support the weight of the vehicle. V-DubStore has classic VW wheel bearings for your VW repair, restore or rebuild. VW air-cooled front wheel bearings are in stock, along with rear wheel bearings, seals, clips and washers. We offer an inner and outer VW air-cooled front wheel bearing Type 1 and Type 3 for all model years, and Type 2 inner wheel bearing for model years 19641979. Additionally, our product line has a VW Type 1 rear wheel bearing for model years 19681979 for both inner and outer bearings. When replacing bearings, wheel and axle seals are also important and are available for the front wheel for Type 1 and Type 3 for model years 19661979, for the rear axle seal for Type 1 model years 19501968, Ghia model years 19561968, Type 3 model years 19501967, and Type 3 model years 19641967. Come to V-DubStore for your classic VW Beetle rear wheel bearing replacement needs.