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Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, Baja Bug & Stock VW Shocks

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Whether you are looking for Thing, Ghia, Bug and Bus stock shocks or performance Baja Bug and Sand Rail shocks, V-DubStore carries oil and gas shocks that come from the very best manufacturers. EMPI and traditional gas shocks are just what you need to get your Dune Buggy or Rail Buggy to the end of the racetrack. You need reliability when it comes to suspension across those tough off-road miles. Browse through our wide-ranging stock of both standard-height and lowered EMPI shocks. Heights range from 11.25 to 16 inches. You can even find chrome-coiled Dune Buggy shocks to wow the fans at the events.
Rail Buggy shocks also need those core accessories, such as mount kits and shock bolts. V-DubStore has an entire collection of Sand Rail shocks just waiting to be mounted on your ride. Call us today at 1-888-479-5602 for those unique needs. Oil shocks, bushings and shock bosses are all available for online purchase. Rebuild your VW with the suspension that it needs to win first place!