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Air-Cooled VW Piston Rings

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Keep your engine running efficiently with V-DubStore's VW air-cooled piston rings. The rings keep your combustion engine running smoothly, sealing compression gas between the piston and the cylinder wall. VW Bug piston rings are sold as the second ring only or in sets to meet the demand of your restore, rebuild or repair. The sizes of VW 1600 piston rings are made to meet your demands, with sets that are 85.5mm 2x2x5, 88mm 1.5x1.5x5, 85.5mm 1.75x2x5, 94mm 2x2x4, 85mm 1.5x1.5x5, 92mm 2x2x2, 90.5mm 1.5x2x4, 94mm 1.5x2x4 and 92mm 1.5x2x4. The VW Beetle 1600 piston rings are an integral part of the engine and should be replaced if rebuilding your engine. Sets of various sizes and individual 2nd rings only increase your horsepower, torque and engine life by ensuring a complete seal.