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VW Cables & Kits

When most people think of “car parts,” their mind immediately goes to the engine, but the less notable systems in the vehicle are just as important. Without proper cable management, the electrical systems of the car are not going to work properly. Even the best engine can’t perform well without the proper systems to support it. That’s why we carry all the VW car parts you need for the best driving experience. Get all the cables and cable kits needed to maintain and repair your favorite VW vehicle.

Get parts like a universal throttle cable, which links the accelerator pedal and throttle plate, allowing air into the engine. We also carry emergency brake cables to help you stop and remain safe while the vehicle is in park, speedometer cables to help you accurately measure your speed and avoid unsafe driving or tickets, and cable kits for all these different cables to help you install them. Get all your VW car parts and cables online, with fast shipping and expert advice from professionals with over 32 years of experience.

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