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VW Racing Cross Shafts & Parts
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VW Cross Shafts, Bushings & Cable Arms
The cross shaft is used to transfer torque from a vehicle's engine to the wheels, and without one, your vehicle isn't going anywhere. We carry high-quality racing cross shafts for just about any Volkswagen vehicle out there.

Our cross shafts are quality manufactured for direct replacement of worn, broken or poor-quality shafts that just don't meet the demanding requirements of today's modern clutch applications. Depending on your vehicle, you might need a Type 1, 2 or 3 VW racing cross shaft, so itís a good thing we carry all three.

We also carry everything you will need to replace your old worn-out cross shaft with one of our high-quality racing cross shafts. Repair and maintain your classic car with one of our bushing cross shaft kits, perfect for the at-home mechanic or classic car enthusiast. Get your brackets, clips, bearings, bushing kits and more at our online store.