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Air-Cooled VW Camshafts I V-Dub Store

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List Price: $11.12
Our Price: $6.95
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113-109-021G - Stock Camshaft w/ Dished Gear - 1600 - 71-79 - EMPI 98-1921-B 113-109-021G - Stock Camshaft w/ Dished Gear - 1600 - 71-79 - EMPI 98-1921-B
List Price: $150.32
Our Price: $93.95
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Are you looking to take your air-cooled VW's performance to the next level? V-Dub Store has you covered with our selection of high-performance camshafts specifically designed for air-cooled VW engines. Whether you're seeking greater horsepower, improved torque, or enhanced throttle response, V-Dub Store's camshafts are the perfect solution.

The VW camshaft is the heart of any engine, controlling the timing and duration of the valve openings. Upgrading your air-cooled VW's camshaft can have a significant impact on the performance of your vehicle. V-Dub Store offers a range of camshaft options, each designed to optimize valve timing and lift for improved power delivery and overall performance.

V-Dub Store understands that air-cooled VW engines come in various sizes and applications. That's why our VW parts store offers a wide selection of camshafts suitable for different engine sizes, VW cylinder heads, and desired performance goals. Whether you have a stock engine or a fully built racing powerhouse, V-Dub Store has the perfect camshaft to match your specific requirements.

By upgrading your air-cooled VW's camshaft, you can experience substantial gains in both horsepower and torque. V-Dub Store's high-performance VW camshafts are designed to deliver increased lift, duration, and valve overlap, resulting in improved engine efficiency and overall power output. Prepare to feel the exhilaration of a more responsive and powerful air-cooled VW.

Upgrade your air-cooled VW's performance with V-Dub Store's high-performance camshafts. Experience the thrill of increased power, improved torque, and enhanced throttle response. With a wide range of VW parts to choose from, expert support, and exceptional quality, our VW parts store is your go-to source for air-cooled VW camshaft upgrades. Order our air-cooled VW performance parts online today!