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VW Bus Exhaust Systems

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Focus your rebuild efforts on the VW Bus exhaust because these upgrades bring new life to your ride. Nearly every VW enthusiast loves the camper-style vehicle. It takes you to the beach, up the coast or around the nation. V-Dubstore is pleased to stock stainless-steel VW Bus exhaust systems for many model years, including 1963 to 1971.

Explore our stock of unique VW Type 2 performance exhaust parts because there's no reason why your camper can't have a bit of zip on the road. Choose between J-tubes with flanges or a merged system that includes the muffler. Each VW Type 2 camper exhaust is carefully fitted to each model year. Don't lose the side-flow design when you buy a VW Type 2 exhaust system. V-Dubstore continues to support the VW community with quality parts that preserve your ride well into the 21st century.