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VW Cutting Brakes/Turning Brakes & Pedal Assemblies

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Rebuild your VW Dune Buggy for off-roading adventures with parts from V-DubStore! We have a complete collection of Dune Buggy pedals in stock. Dual assemblies with throttle features give you an edge when you're ready for that next heat. Racing has never been so exhilarating with our Dune Buggy pedal assembly firmly connected to your ride. Move like lightning through your gears so that you leave everyone in the dust.
Give your VW rebuild an upgrade that matters in the field with Sand Rail turning brakes. Keep steady control of your vehicle while leaning into those curves. Racing with cutting brakes Dune Buggy–style will give you and the spectators a thrill. Contact V-DubStore if you don't see the Sand Rail pedal assembly that you need. We'll find those assemblies, stop plates, brake proportioning valves, hydraulic park locks and more! The VW racing scene is made for your rebuilding talents.