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Aircooled VW Suspension & Steering Urethane Bushings & Couplers

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VW Urethane Bushings & Kits
A vehicle bushing is a small rubber or polyurethane piece that helps to cushion vibrating metal car parts and reduce friction. If a bushing starts to wear out or break, then the metal parts will most likely start to scrape or grind together. This can lead to uneven wear, irritating noises and reduced handling or braking response.

Our VW polyurethane bushings are superior to rubber bushings due to their greater durability and longer lifespan. Rubber parts tend to have more flexibility, but this comes at the cost of faster wear and greater maintenance. With proper care, a VW urethane bushing can last the entire lifetime of the vehicle. We carry bushings for all types of Volkswagen vehicles, including axel beam, bus beam, ball joint, front beam bushings and more. Also check out our couplers and shifter box bushings, perfect for ensuring every part of your vehicle is secure and maintained.