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VW Stock Crank Pulleys & Kits

All of the parts in your Volkswagen work together to keep your engine running smoothly, but with so many moving pieces, something is bound to wear out eventually. If you drive an older Volkswagen, you might notice that it is hard to start in cold weather or to speed up when driving up a hill. A worn crankshaft pulley can be a factor in this kind of trouble. If your crankshaft pulleys are showing signs of wear or if you want to get the maximum performance out of your engine, EMPI crankshaft pulleys provide an easy and affordable solution. Known for their trustworthiness and durability, EMPI parts are designed to provide optimal performance for your VW vehicle. The brand makes some of the best power pulley kits and billet steel pulleys on the market. If you need an engine pulley system that works as hard as you and stands the test of time, then look no further than our selection of VW parts.