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Oversized Main Bearing Dowel Pin - Each Oversized Main Bearing Dowel Pin - Each
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Air-Cooled VW EMPI Main Bearings

Main bearings are crucial to any engine. They help the engine spin and move all the parts freely. The crankshaft spins against the main bearings of any engine. If one of the main bearings malfunctions, itís detrimental to the entire engine and the engine will be damaged. Itís important to have high-quality, OEM-certified precision bearings, otherwise they may not be able to rotate properly and could damage the entire engine.

Here at V-Dub Store, we carry various certified EMPI main bearings for your Volkswagen vehicle. We carry various sizes that come for all VW vehicle types, including all Type 1 VW engines, Type 3, CT engines, and more. The actual number of main bearings really depends on the overall load factor and maximum engine speed of your vehicle. The more bearings you have in the engine, the greater the size and cost of the engine. However, this also reduces the stress and deflection that is caused by the distance from the crank pins to its closest bearings.

Most engines have a minimum of two main bearings -- one at each end of the crank. Additional bearings can be located along the crankshaft, sometimes having one bearing per crank pin that is usually designed for high RPMs.

Whether you just need an important part for your engine or youíre maybe just revamping your engine for a greater RPM, V-Dub Store has got you covered for all of your vehicle needs and outstanding performance!

Don't hesitate to ask for help. Call us at 570-371-6667 if you are not sure what specific VW main bearing to choose from.