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We've been building our engines in house since 1985.  Our engine packages we currently offer are quality reliable engines we've been known for.  We've found through our years of service great build collections that work without the headaches, and expense of typical VW motors currently out on the market.  Below will be our #1 selling motor projects that we have refined to work for even the unskilled VW owner.  All our engines come with the satisfaction of great fun and thrill out of your VW.

We have devised a way for you to send us your existing engine or parts.  This has saved our customers considerable amounts on there engine builds.  Please understand all parts sent by you will be used on your engine our inspection.  No damaged, junk or un-salvageable parts will be used.  This must be done to ensure the quality of parts we are using to build you a reliable engine.  All cases sent must be either standard or 1st cut on the align bore.  We do not build on any case that is more than 1st cut to ensure reliability.
   Worn out cases cause premature rebuild.

While we do offer long blocks we do encourage customers to purchase  Turn Key Engines.  All our Turn Key Engines are Pre-set, cam break in, and run for a minimum of 1 hour before leaving our build shop.

We build everything from you stock 1600 engine for your Classic VW Bug, Ghia, Bus to your Street or Off-Road Rail Buggy!

To your custom built 2276 Performance Engine. 
Let us make your Dreams Come True!

Reliable & Powerful
Our 1914 Combo has been our #1 selling engine for over 20 years!  This combination is reliable, and yet offers about 90 HP, and plenty of Torque to get down the road.  This combo can be for a novice, to experienced VW owner.  Easy to maintain, affordable, and offer the best bang for your buck.  This combo can be built off your 1600 existing VW Engine which can help save you money upfront.  This combination can be used in any VW without transmission modifications, or other expensive upgrades that may come along with doing upgraded engines.