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Aircooled VW Oil Filters & Adapters

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Since 1985, V-Dubstore has been providing quality parts for VW Type 1 hobbyists. Among these parts, VW air cooled air filters are essential in keeping your hobby car running smoothly. We offer a quality VW Type 1 oil filter in a standard option, chrome or high pressure to provide the necessary components for your vehicle. Pick up your air cooled VW oil filter kit from V-Dubstore to take care of your oil and your engine.

The VW Type 1 oil filters and parts available range from the screen only to a VW air cooled oil filter adapter. We have all things needed to keep the oil clean and running contaminant free. Looking for a quick way to make oil changes easier? A VW air cooled remote oil filter allows you to make the oil change as accessible and effortless as needed.