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Air-Cooled Cam Bearings for VW Engines

What is a camshaft in an engine?
A camshaft is a shaft that works with pointed cams (rotating/sliding pieces) to help the engine rotate by opening and closing valves. Camshafts and camshaft bearings are used in piston engines, ignition systems, and electric motor speed controllers. Camshafts are usually made out of cast iron or steel, and different-shaped cams each have a different function. The camshaft in an engine works in sync with the crankshaft in order to provide power for the vehicle.

What are cam bearings?
Cam bearings are often overlooked in the engine because they tend to have fewer problems than crankshaft bearings. They work similarly to crankshaft bearings in terms of reducing friction in general, and they keep the camshaft rotating to prevent further problematic friction on the engine.
While the crankshaft directly operates the pistons, the camshaft is responsible for the valves opening and closing to give optimal performance of explosive compression.

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