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Air-Cooled VW Wheel Cylinders

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Wheel cylinders are integral to the function of a brake system. V-DubStore has all the wheel cylinder supplies needed for your repair, rebuild or restore. We have many model years, including the 1968 VW Beetle wheel cylinder and the 1967 VW Bug wheel cylinder. We also have VW Type 3 wheel cylinders for model years 1964 through 1973. In addition to wheel cylinders for model years 1958 through 1977, V-DubStore carries VW air-cooled rear wheel cylinder parts covering several decades of models. The parts that are offered help you restore, rebuild or repair your VW vehicle, and we offer bleeder valves and caps, brake house brackets, rubber pads and front- and rear-wheel cylinders. Left and right wheel cylinders are sold separately, making repairs less expensive because these items do not have to be purchased in pairs.