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VW Bearings

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A vehicle’s bearings can break down due to multiple causes, such as misalignment, oil starvation and general wear from daily use. Get all types of bearings for VW vehicles, made from tough, durable materials for long-lasting performance. Main bearings are used in a piston engine to hold the crankshaft in place and allow it to rotate within the engine block. A rod bearing keeps the crankshaft and connecting rod in place as they rotate, along with cam bearings, which also work to ensure reliable operation of the camshaft. Get bearings from trusted names, like the EMPI Silverling main bearings collection — they’re made with an aluminum center to reduce wear and premature failure. We carry a wide selection of main, rod and cam bearings for most VW vehicles, including the Super Beetle, Bug, Baja, Type 3 and more.