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Air-Cooled VW Disc Brake Rotors

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Stop on a dime every time with V-DubStore's Super Beetle brake rotor. Our VW Beetle brake rotor products range from a front rotor blank with no pattern drilled and tapped onto it for a ball joint to a double-drilled pattern to match a Porsche 5x130 or a Chevy 5x4 3/4" pattern for a short spline swing axle and long spline IRS rotors. We have the VW Bug disc brake rotor that you need for your rebuild or restore, such as our front 4x130 drill patterned 14x1.5mm thread ball joint for Type 1 years 19661967, Ghia years 19661974 and Type 3 19661971, or our rear brake rotor with a 4x130 drilled pattern for Type 1 up through 1968 that also has a short spline and can be used for IRS for years 1968 and onward. We also have a 5x130 drilled pattern front rotor for link pin and ball joints. From performance with left- and right-vented brake rotors for your VW bug to everything needed for your Dune Buggy brake rotor, V-DubStore has the right selection for you.