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Classic VW Beetle, Baja & Bug Accelerator Cables

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Accelerator Cables

When you press down on your vehicle's gas pedal, does your car immediately jump into action or have you been noticing a delay? Does it seem like you have to press the pedal to the metal just to get any speed from your Volkswagen? If so, then it might be time to replace your accelerator cable.

The accelerator cable, also known as the throttle cable, is a braided metal wire that connects your vehicle's gas pedal to the engine throttle plate. If your accelerator cable is worn out, then you might not be getting as much control over your ride as you used to. We have the perfect replacement for a VW Bug accelerator cable, or for a VW Beetle. Check out our Type 3 accelerator cable, a perfect match for that classic car in your garage. We also carry Bowden tubes, throttle cable kits and more to help you maintain or repair your vehicle.