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Let our 27 years of experience help you build your kit.  Our kits are designed around you the customer.  We help you customize your kit to your needs. 

Our thoughts behind building dune buggies is if your going to shell out the money why buy someone elses problem.  Build something YOU want and YOU will enjoy.

The components for building a buggy through us is using main components.  We do all the guessing work for you.  Let us know what your interested in doing and we will get a kit together for you.  No looking around for parts everywhere.  Guessing what your buying or if you even need it.  No buying things you don't need.
And to those close enough to us you will never have to pay shipping.  For those far away we can freight everything over in 2-3 orders to help save money on shipping.

Street Kits (Fiberglass Dune Buggies)
Street Kits (Rail Dune Buggies)
Off-Road Kits (Rail Dune Buggies)

Street Kit - Fiberglass Dune Buggy