Fiberglass body molds

Truck Buggy Mold
 - 2 pcs mold with hardtop is a 3 pcs. mold

Truck Body - Top of Mold

Truck Body - Bottom of Mold
Truck Body - 2nd Piece (Tub Section) of Mold    
- This piece here seems to be in the worst condition around the edges. 

Truck Body - Hardtop (3rd Piece of Mold)

 - 2 pcs. Mold - 1 Piece Body - 2nd Piece Hood & Dash

Full Length Body Mold - Rear of Body

Full Length Body Mold - Mold Surface
- This mold has just had a body prepped and sprayed out.  Does has some touch up areas need work
   in the fender wells.

Full Length Body Mold - Rear

Full Length Body Mold - (Section on top is for Truck Buggy)

Full Length Body Hood Mold - 2 Pcs - Hood & Dash