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Classic & Off-Road Volkswagen Wheels (4x130, 5x205, 5x112, 5x100)

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You chose a VW rebuild because of its solid look, easy upgrades and exciting community events. It's time to transform your Bug or Bus with classic Volkswagen wheels. Our all-chrome, polished, matte or gloss black and anthracite designs come in myriad shapes and styles. Check out our 4x130 VW Bug wheels that can be enhanced with chrome lug nuts. We don't miss any details when it comes to our EMPI VW wheels. V-DubStore is proud to stock wheel bearings, lug bolts, smoothie caps and more for your upgrading excitement. There's a lot more to the wheel than just the rim, and our staff can make the shopping process easier than ever before. Give us a call today at 1-888-479-5602!
Explore our stock of 5x205 VW wheels or 4-lug VW wheels. You even have the option of going for the hubcap look! V-DubStore has your 4x130 VW Bug rims in stock today, so shop with style in mind!