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Most VW vehicles use disc brakes to stop the wheels from spinning once the brake is applied. Disc brakes are more efficient at providing stopping power and dissipating heat than a drum brake. A disk brake also works better in wet conditions and is less complex, making it easier to repair or replace.

Overheating can be a common issue with disk brakes and rotors. If you feel a pulsating action through the brake pedal when it's engaged, then it could be a warning sign of a worn-out or warped part.

The last thing anyone wants when driving is an issue with their brakes. At V-DubStore, we have all the parts you'll need to maintain your brake system. We carry VW disk brakes, brake pads, calipers, master cylinders and more. Don't put off maintenance on your brakes until a problem starts. Check out our wide selection of VW brake kits, and make sure your vehicle is safe for the open road.